Why word share?

♥ My first memory of creative writing was as a young child at school. The teacher had asked us to write something based on being shrunk to 1″ tall in a classroom. My pencil case zip became train and track and I set off on an adventure, both in terms of the story I created and a lifetime love of creative writing.

Some people express themselves through music, or dance, through painting, photography or sport; I express myself through the written word. Whilst a musician may take themselves away with their instrument at times of joy or sadness, I take to pen and paper (or keyboard these days). Births, deaths, love, memories, difficult times, frustrations; I have expressed all through words. As I write, I often find clarity, a way through pain or the sparkle of joy dancing among my words; it is a way of finding my voice and being free.

That’s the background, a summary of how I have reached the point where, today, I am letting my words loose and word sharing. I have recently semi-retired (I’m 56 and won’t get my state pension for another 10 years and need to continue to earn a crust for a few years yet). Throughout my working life, working with both children and adults, I have sought to understand the voice of others, to enable them to ‘speak out’. As a worker I have supported individuals to claim their rights, take control, express themselves, believe in themselves. As a manager I have sought to understand, support, encourage, educate and develop the skills of others. I have written reports, policies, funding bids, newsletters. I have provided feedback on creative writing to many people, enabling them to strengthen and develop their writing. I have had my own writing published and won a few short story and poetry competitions. I have been part of a very small team that published a magazine and a few books. I have written articles, edited, created blurbs and forewords. I have loved doing all this; no regrets.

In all that, writing for me, for the sheer joy of linking and assembling and playing with words has been on the proverbial back burner. With some free time and a mind relieved of full time work’s juggling, I am lifting those words from the back burner. Where that will take me I don’t know but I want to browse through the many snatches of writing I have stored on bits of paper, in notebooks, on backs of envelopes, computer. I want to read them as my 56-year old semi-retired self. I want to sift and sort and climb back onto my pencil case zip train track, feeling that wonderful freedom that is imagination.

You may still be wondering, “why word share?” The world of publishing has changed drastically over the course of my lifetime. I remember pencils and exercise books, ink pens and lined paper, computers that consumed whole rooms, typewriters and ‘wordstar’ word processors. I am fascinated by and relish the endless possibilities IT can offer today; for me it feeds that imagination rather than frustrates it. Publishing is no longer the domain of the few but the liberation of the many who can reach out, or merely satisfy an inner wish to write, to express and feel the pleasure that is creative writing.

Here goes …


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