Poems to express emotion

I often write to express emotion – frustration, anger, sorrow, joy, love … These three poems reflect this. I wrote the first, Body Parts Anon, in around 2004 and it was published in a book called Just Writers. I hope it tells its own story though the story has changed since but that’s another story or poem. I’m not sure when I wrote the second but I do know why I wrote it as the title shows. The third, again, I am not sure when I wrote this but can still relate to the sentiment expressed and can apply it to many different times of life.

Body Parts Anon

Ten years and cultivation

Of numerous consultants

I was body parts anon.

A leg, an elbow,

A wrist, a shoulder,

The stomach.

Prods and stares,

Tubes up and down,

The slicing of my skin,

Sawing of my bones

A scratch of many heads.

And finally, diagnosis

No cure

Debate about effects.

I’m a pincushion of blood tests

And mixed messages travel

Unruly round jumbled body.

A day here, a pause there

For a week, maybe longer.

I struggle to understand

Forget at my peril

Rest when I can

Shave off some consultants

To be whole, to be one

Not body parts anon.

© Liz MacKenzie

For a loved one

My garden has beauty

When you are within,

Sweet smells of

Honeysuckle and lavender

Suffuse the air

As leaves dance and

Laugh to your music.

Blooms come alive

As you stroll by,

Tipping their small heads

In curiosity.

They stretch and grow

Whilst weeds decide

To move next door.

When you are gone

Branches are bare

And relentless frost

Steals colour and charm

With biting breath.

Below the ground

We await your return.

© Liz MacKenzie

Solitude times

She comes to me

in images

colours infiltrate

my quiet mind.

She dances wistfully

in symmetry

feet tracing shapes

through my body.

She speaks to me

in whispers

words merging

at my heart.

She comes to me

in images,

to play with

in solitude times.

© Liz MacKenzie


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