Twitter as stream of consciousness …

One of the suggestions made to writers/ would be writers is to write every day using a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach; i.e. writing whatever comes into your head without editing it. (Bit like going to see Freud without the talking, the couch and the odd man standing behind it making weird and unlikely pronouncements) The aim, as I understand it, is to see what emerges from those unrestrained thoughts – you generally end up not using most of it for any kind of serious writing but, occasionally, a gem comes along and off you go.

As I posted a thought on Twitter today; “Wonder if it’s a bit posh eating Pom Bears from bowl? Was sharing & only 1 pack left. William Morris tablecloth too”, I IMG_1937wondered if Twitter was providing a means through which to effect a modern day stream of consciousness? I am not suggesting that a best selling novel is about to emerge from the poshness of Pom Bears from a bowl (possibly a great title though?) but never say never. What is interesting, as a writer, is that my dialogue, stream of consciousness or what you will, becomes interlinked with that of others as people add their thoughts to my own and we become streams of consciousness.

I shall continue with my experiment and see what emerges; could be a heap of senseless words without connection or relevance, or could be my next creative writing piece. Watch this space.


One thought on “Twitter as stream of consciousness …

  1. Last week I was interviewed for a research project on the use of social media and people with epilepsy. It’s not something I have given a lot of thought about up until now. I have epilepsy. My epilepsy is affected by light flickering, computers etc and so up until very recently have not wanted to go near social media – using technology from choice not just associated with work. What I have realised is that the iPad offers me seizure free interaction and so I come new to social media. Twitter is brilliant for me. Short bursts of thought, ideas, comments, remarks, that can standalone or be developed into bigger pieces of work e.g. Developed into my blog. It is a great way of interacting, getting the reactions of others, almost like a first draft. I think Pom Bears in a bowl is sophisticated, it takes them to another level but better still is the William Morris tablecloth. There has to be a story behind that.


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