Speaking up for self advocacy

Throughout my career I have supported others; the focus has been that of enabling others to gain the skills, confidence and strength to help themselves. It has been a process of standing in the background so that others can shine, can move their lives forward in their way and at their pace. One group I worked with prior to my semi-retirement, was a group of people with learning disabilities who supported themselves and others with learning disabilities to improve their lives and speak up about the things that matter to them. Funding, or lack thereof, is always a challenge. The group decided some years back that, to ensure they were an entirely independent group, they needed to seek ways to find their own funding, through grants and fundraising, rather than relying on local authorities to fund them. I admire their determination to stick to those values, which mean that they can work to their own agenda, not that of the local authorities. Financial downturn, cuts, increased competition for grants all threaten their existence, yet they are still ‘alive’ after more than 27 years. They have survived numerous barriers but still battle on because of their belief in what they do and the benefit to their own lives and that of others. What works so well is the way that the group understand how to cooperate and work as a team, and their shared understanding of what it is like to live with a learning disability. Every now and again they need to reach out for support; now is one of those times. Self advocacy does ‘what is says on the tin’; it is about groups of people, usually with learning disabilities, speaking up for and striving for their rights in society. Self Advocacy in Action takes pride in enabling people with learning disabilities to be more independent and to have more control in their lives. To continue to do this they need your help.
“We are asking people to donate towards our running and project costs to allow us to continue to support people with learning disabilities to have more choice and control in their lives. We support people through self advocacy sessions, independence training, activities and much more…”
Crowdfunder is a tool for fundraising for voluntary and community organisations. It helps community groups, charities and social enterprises to raise funds from the community around them. To find out more about how Self Advocacy in Action will use these funds or to donate, please visit Self Advocacy in Action’s profile on Crowdfunder.
http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/self-advocacy-in-action or visit them @selfadvocacy87


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