Inspiring days out

Today I have visited the Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies, about 15 miles outside Edinburgh. The Falkirk Wheel is one of those places I have been wanting to visit since someone told me about some years ago. More recently, a colleague visited and also mentioned The Kelpies and I was determined that, this time, I would visit. These two poems were written on my return to base; not polished but fresh from the visits.


Falkirk Wheel

A breath, caught in gentle
Almost imperceptible movement.
Vista deceives as walls move
Rotate through air.

Water rushes, but soft,
Faint; unnoticed protection
As we climb without effort
Where seagulls care.

The Falkirk Wheel; majestic
Proud heart beating
Turning, cheating senses
With gondola dare.


Not the Angel of the North

Not the Angel of the North
These dominant beasts,
Nor mythical loch spirit rising

Imposing they stand, lifting
And dipping, they speak wordlessly
A message of peace and strength

How do they, motionless
Bring together community?
Go visit, and see.

The Kelpies, their magnitude
Captivates and draws forth
The folk to think.

So, no; not the Angel of the North
Yet a more northerly pair
Of equine angels.


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