Bristol Botanic Gardens: 14 May 2016

IMG_0072You were a surprise to me; as much as I strolled into you, you stepped inside me with your gift of calm. Your glasshouses green upon green; a billion shades and more. Light winking unashamed, shade a temptress. My eyes darting, yet still, unhurried. My iPhone making its satisfactory real/ fake digitally engineered click-snap.


I am entranced, weaving through cacti, cocoa, banana, citrus, light captured lollies’ reflection; or is it real? Hard to say. Colours emerge more vibrant as if a mist in this steamy den has cleared from my eyes. Sunlight is a trickster, merrily dancing a jig; hop, skip and jump – you can’t catch me.


Shadows lengthen and stretch, their alter-ego heading skyward.


And everywhere is still; still as still, including inside me.


© Liz MacKenzie





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