Oxford Botanical Gardens: 23 May 2016

Oxford Botanical Gardens is a snapshot photo album of memories; emails and texts cut through images of plants and trees, the walled garden, people, contentment.

  • Giant urn blocking spires
  • Respite on benches
  • Rhubarb pots (what was it I so loved about the rhubarb pots?)


  • Emails from mum’s carer; chest pains again (had 2 emergency hospital visits in last 3 days already – no heart or chest problems)
  • Punt lined river
  • L-plate punters wavering and flailing
  • More emails, more texts …
  • Put the phone to silent awhile
  • Bug hotel community gracing walled garden
  • Relief to chat with an elderly couple in the community * (you’ll understand this if you read Meltdowns and Botanics) https://mywordshare.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/meltdowns-and-botanics/
  • Wisteria dipping gracefully
  • Birds bobbing and students studying on lawns – enough space for all
    Gunnera giant
  • Poppies like burning sun
  • Arches and walkways and glasshouses
  • Colour in surround sound
  • Tropics and deserts; humidity, aridity
  • Soldier like lillies; the charge of the light brigade
  • Snappers and pineapple and gnarled knots
  • Strength to face the text, the emails, the worry, the ‘what next?’
  • * Feeling soothed by seeing the elderly couple emerging from a boat trip later in the day; happiness etches their faces

© Liz MacKenzie




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