Write Bites

An economy of words can bring a story, enlightenment, a smile or tear. With this in mind, I am dedicating this page to “Write Bites”; a selection of short musings, poems, thoughts. I find these often come to me and I can be led to think there is nowhere for them to go; I realise they don’t always need further exploration or extension – they can stand alone. If you would like to add to “Write Bites” by commenting, or sending them to my via Twitter, I can add them to the collection.

Here goes with two from yesterday; an ordinary Sunday pottering around, catching up on a few jobs and generally enjoying the day.

On Honeysuckle and Rain

Light rain a whisper on my skin

Honeysuckle scent infusing the air

Drenching me sweetly

I could be anywhere

But I am home . .

Tracy Chapman is my front windows

I discovered, yesterday, I can clean all my front windows (even in light rain) to Tracy Chapman’s “Tracy Chapman” (1988 self titled debut). I may not be fast but I know how to make window cleaning soulful.


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